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(Re)Cover BV maakt lamellenafdekkingen op maat voor zwembaden. Daarnaast leveren zij lamellen, doppen en kit voor productie elders.

(Re)Cover BV produces slatted swimming pool cover to measure. They also supply pool cover profiles and parts for local production elsewhere.

Polycarbonate slats

Polycarbonate is ideal for swimming pool slats. It is durable, highly transparent and has a high impact resistance. But Polycarbonate discolors and ages because of UV radiation. The better Polycarbonate slats have UV stabilizers in the base material and possibly also a thin cap layer which blocks the ultraviolet light.

Characteristics: High impact resistant, tough, and UV resistant. Resistant at extremely high and extremely low temperatures, especially in the tri-extrusion variant.

Colors: Several solar and transparent variations.

Profile: Standard 60 mm and 63 mm anti-algae profile in mono-, co- or tri-extrusion for additional UV resistance, scratch and impact resistance.

The (Re)Cover Polycarbonate Tri-extruded slats are equipped with UV stabilizers in the base material and also in the top layer. This prevents that the polycarbonate loses its mechanical properties, such as high impact strength. Exactly this type of polycarbonate is widely used for years in the automotive industry and in construction. For example headlights and panoramic roofs of cars and panels for stadium roofs and facades.

(Re) Cover Polycarbonate slats are highly impact resistant and therefore hail-resistant. The 60 mm Standard Polycarbonate profile has been tested according to the standards of the official testing institute VCF in Switzerland. Hail Class 5 is obtained; This means that the slats, the end caps and the seal are resistant to hail stones of 50 mm with a falling speed of max. 110 km per hour, at temperatures below 0 ° C. Tested whether the cover will remain watertight and mechanically still functioning correctly.


Polycarbonate slats are available in the standard 60 mm profile and in the Anti-algae profile


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60.PC.34 Polycarbonaat Solar blauw 60 mm 

60.PC.34 Polycarbonaat Solar blauw 60 mm